Design and Marketing Services

Impress your target audience with engaging visual design.

Overall, my experience with graphic design in Toronto has been exciting and fulfilling. In summary, I have worked directly with clients to provide design services in Downtown Toronto. Particularly, services like brand identity, logo design, print marketing design, and social media management, are beneficial to businesses. To conclude, I leverage these design services to enhance small-to-medium-sized businesses.

What I'm Good At;

Some of the Toronto design and marketing services that I provide clients via my respective companies; Yesterday Design Co. and Lumens Dental Corp. Altogether, my technical skills allow me to leverage my abilities in order to uplift local small-to-medium-sized businesses in a beneficial way. Furthermore, overseeing these projects allows my team to grow their respective skills as well.

Corporate Brand Identity

Brand identity is your business’s first impression on new customers and expresses your unique personality. Conversely, robust identity design creates memorability, which helps build trust with your audience.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a general term which includes everything from website graphics, product packaging, poster design and more. In summary, graphic design comes in many forms and every designer has different strengths.

Content Creation
& Social Media

Social Media Marketing allows you to engage & identify with your audience. You can efficiently communicate new business developments, maintain your brand image, and build validity.

Logo Design

In essence, your logo is the stamp of your brand. This is the focal point of your identity, all design strategy is based around the logo. It is what people remember when interacting with your business. Think about it, have you ever seen the golden arches of McDonald’s from afar?

Print Design

Print design includes everything from package design and flyer design to storefront windows. Having branded material adds another layer to the legitimacy of your operation. Physical material is a good way to show what your brand is about.

Data and Analytics

Data and analytics are crucial to understanding the intimate details of your marketing campaigns. Being able to see what strategies are working will help you invest in future strategies. On the other hand, it will tell you what isn’t working, so you can cut your losses.

My clients have great things to say.

““We have worked with Lumens Dental Corp. for over 2 years and their services have provided great value to our dental office since the beginning of our partnership.””

Aisa MDental Administrator, Toronto

“"It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were helpful in answering all my questions and made me feel completely at ease. The design ended up being twice as good as I ever envisioned!"”

Isaiah BBusiness Owner, Niagara

“"One of my greatest experiences as a musician was being able to connect with Yesterday Design Co. and fulfill my creativity through their services"”

GoaldyRecording Artist, Toronto

Why do I do it?

I am passionate about working with business owners to create something special out of their projects. Furthermore, leveraging my skills allows me to provide services that make a positive impact in my community.

This is why Yesterday Design Co and Lumens Dental Corp were created. Comparatively, the services that each company offers are similar. However, the target markets are unique and require different strategies.

Are you ready to get started?

I have been helping business owners of all sizes for nearly five years. I would love to work alongside you to uplift your next project!


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