Aidan Payne

On this page, you will learn more about Aidan Payne. In summary, this includes his early life, hobbies, technical skillset, business career, and respective corporations in which he is a founding member.

Early Life

Born in Australia, I moved to Canada at seven years old. After graduating high school, I attended Niagara College to study Business Sales & Marketing. I pursued my first business venture at 18 years old during my college program, a streetwear clothing company.

This quickly gave me real business experience. Consequently, I adapted to the needs of my business and taught myself graphic design.

I now reside in Downtown Toronto, where I’m focused on growing Fuhren Holdings and its operating subsidiaries. Presently, we work directly with clients to provide modern design & marketing services. For this reason, we are always learning new skills to stay ahead of the curve.

I also have an obsession with golf.

Fuhren Holdings

Fuhren Holdings is a technology-focused holdings company designed to acquire, accelerate and optimize a comprehensive technology portfolio in emerging spaces. Additionally, its wholly-owned subsidiaries have active operations in their respective fields.


Yesterday Design Co.

Yesterday Design Co. is a service-based business providing modern branding and marketing solutions for small to medium-sized companies. In general, we focus on creating beautiful brand identities and websites for our clients. Despite this competitive market, we are always sharpening our tools! As a result, our company has active operations in numerous industries.

Lumens Dental Corp.

Lumens Dental Corp. is a service-based business offering a SaaS dental directory platform to connect patients with the best dental offices. Furthermore, LDC also offers branding and marketing solutions to the Greater Toronto Area dental offices. To summarize, we plan to offer services beneficial to both dentists and patients.


Yesterday Design Co. and Lumens Dental Corp. are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Fuhren Holdings Corp.

About Aidan Payne Skillset

With an extensive list of technical skills, I consistently challenge myself to learn new things regarding my current resume. With over five years of graphic design experience, I have helped many small business owners build beautiful brands.

I leverage industry-leading design software Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and  InDesign, managing B2B client relations, data and analytics tracking, and formal marketing education.


What am I good at?

Let’s talk about my technical skills. Overall, this talks about sufficiency in software knowledge, etc. Equally important is what you can accomplish with them.
Above all, the following list of services is what I am passionate about providing to business owners.

Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Data and Analytics

Print Design

Have any questions?

See my work in detail by visiting my portfolio here.